The Bond Between Negative Kindle Reviews and Formatting!

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Published: 04th December 2016
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Kindle direct publishing and Amazon Kindle is a great platform for writers. By definition, Kindle is created for authors with a simple message to be shared. If you have spent several years searching for a legit publishing house, Kindle Direct will definitely lend you a hand of support. The platform will let you lend and sell eBooks in an effortless manner. Kindle Store is a great place for young authors with captivating works. However, there is a small barrier that stops novice users from attaining success. And, that would be "Formatting". If you want a good Kindle review, you should format your eBook properly.

Acquiring Positive Reviews

Kindle eBooks must be customized perfectly. Bad formatting will definitely flood you with negative Kindle book reviews. These reviews will kill your rank in Amazon's Kindle List. Readers tend to search for eBooks that are framed perfectly. Unfortunately, Kindle eBooks are prone to be affected by formatting problems easily. Unlike conventional pdf files and word processor documents, the Kindle Self Publishing System has too many rules & regulations. Additionally, there are certain invisible formatting tips, which must be performed to create a comprehensive eBook for potential Kindle readers. In this article, you will read on how to avoid bad Kindle book reviews caused by poor formatting.

To bag positive, flourishing Kindle reviews you should adhere to the following practices:

Shun Away from Headers and Footers

Never include headers and footers in your eBook. These are conventional elements present in most word documents and acrobat files. However, Kindle doesn't work with formal headers and footers. If you create a document with headers and footers, they will be stripped off by the uploader. This is because Kindle Reader is designed to read pages of a predestined size. In the worst case, you will have major formatting issues in your book when you insert headers and footers. The best way to avoid this problem is by turning them off! The same applies to page numbering. Don't include page numbers in your Kindle eBook.

A Good, clickable Table of Contents

Always remember to include an interactive Table of Contents. In simpler terms, the table of contents should have clickable links. Most readers give positive Kindle reviews, when the eBook has clickable links! Additionally, the first page and table of contents should be bookmarked. These are simple features that will make navigation around your eBook easy. Readers can access pages that interest them the most through bookmarks. Moreover, Kindle Fire comprises of a touchable screen. A simple tap on the contents page should take them through several chapters! While designing the table of contents, you should be very carefully. Don't try to mention everything on a single page. Pages that are flooded with entries will look cluttered and incomprehensible. Also, keep an eye on the font size, font style and alignment. Always remember that well presented eBooks will receive better Kindle reviews.

Don't Use Special Formatting Styles

The traditional rule - "Start every chapter in a fresh, new page", should be followed when you design a Kindle page. Nevertheless, don't use special formatting on the new page. It is quite interesting to note that Kindle sticks onto minimal formatting. Developers believe that eBooks with very little formatting would give the user a stress free experience. Additionally, eBooks without special formatting can be used across a wide range of gadgets! Special features like tables, bullets, tabs and fonts may not translate properly in certain devices. This is why you should stick onto common formatting styles like underlines, bold and italics for consistent outcomes. Bear in mind that readers will judge everything in your eBook.

Writing your book well and making sure all sections are designed correctly without errors is key to getting a good Kindle review. Chris Douthit's Author Gear software is going to make sure your book is perfect for every Kindle book review.

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